If you want to use VTK Examples, you have several options. If you are a VTK Example Developer, go here or a VTK Example Administrator go here.

Build an example

At the bottom of each example page, there are instructions on how to build the example.

Build all of the examples

If you are getting excited about learning VTK and are tired of downloading individual examples, you can build them all.

  1. As a VTK Remote module

When you configure your VTK build, set Module_VTKExamples:BOOL=ON and rebuild VTK.

  1. Download a zip containing the source.

  2. Clone the VTK examples repository

   git clone
   cd VTKExamples
   cd build

where YOUR_VTK_BIN_DIR is the location of your VTK build.

Update the examples repository

If you cloned the examples repository, you can get the latest updates:

cd VTKExamples
git pull
cd build
cmake ../VTKExamples

Run all of the examples